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Zee-Pocalypse Paintball

Zee-pocalypse is a chance for Zombie Hunters everywhere to unite and  bag live zombies with paintballs! Zombie Hunters hunt at night (when zombies are most active) from an enclosed trailer armed with paintball guns. The florescent glow of the shots let Zombie Hunters know their targets have been acquired.

Reservations on-line are a definite must to minimize lengthy wait lines and will tag a spot on a trailer for a designated evening. While Zombie Hunters will be given an estimated time for their ride, we caution that delays could happen and times provided are estimations. That said, Arriving early is good, and a late arrival may really delay your ride time.


Advance Tickets & Will Call: $28.00 per person, and includes 50 paintballs

  • To reserve tickets by phone, call 515-321-8356

Additional paintballs are

  • $5.00/50
  • $10.00/100
  • $15.00/150