Join the Team


Want to be a part of our scare team bringing screams, fear and fun to those that are brave enough to hop on the terror bus and take a ride into the middle of nowhere to get their scream on?

Tormented Souls Haunt and Scream Park, an outdoor venue is looking for energetic, hardworking, fun loving and dedicated people to join our team for this year’s annual haunt maze and zombie apocalypse hunt.

We begin setup in September and are open to the public every weekend in October.


Setup Crew, Security, Parking Coordinators, Ticket Taker/Carnival Barker/Crowd Control, Actors/Performers

Good Pay! Prizes! Snacks! Fun!

Drugs and alcohol are prohibited.
Background checks are required.

Setup Crew, Security,
Parking Coordinators, Ticket Takers/Carnival Barkers/Crowd Control

we are looking for hardworking, fun loving, haunt enthusiastic setup, security, and parking coordinators, and Ticket Takers/Carnival Barkers/Crowd Control. We have good pay, prizes, and snacks. Setup starts in September and we perform on the weekends in October.


Do you enjoy creating psychological distress?

Do you have any weird special skills (i.e. – contortionist, double-jointed, detachable limbs, unique sounds, terrifying screams, cackles, and yells, stand up, improv, or community theatre experience. unusual athletic abilities, psychic powers, carnival barker experience, fire swallowing, or have unusual musical talents)?

Have you done public speaking, are you able to tell a story through a unique charismatic voice that captivates an audience? Can you create fear just by manipulating the sound of your voice?

We are seeking talented, outgoing, and enthusiastic hardworking actors, 18 or older, who seek fame, fortune, fun, and a little gorey, sorry, glory. We want performers who delight in Hallowed Eve mischief and hijinks, and who enjoy creating disturbing psychological discomfort for our unsuspecting haunt goers.

We look for actors who can take direction, even if unusual. Arrogant prima donna’s and divas need not apply.

Performances are at night on all October weekends (barring inclement weather) and actors need to be available for all evening shows on the weekends (Friday-Saturdays).

We want diverse and unique people who strive to be their best, show up on time, memorize their lines, know the back story of their character, are professional with their co-workers.

Working at our haunt is great practice for those who aspire to act in big league horror movies.

We compensate based on talent.